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New development for most versatile operation. Based on the design of the well-proved standard Akja, this new sled is taylored for both singlerescuer operation in easy to medium terrain and two-rescuer operation in difficult terrain.

New, flat stern, longer runners on the bottom and special fins to keep it stable in one-man operation. Additionally, the new, even stern allows a perfectly horizontal bedding of the injured at a very low centre of gravity (essential for riding-stability). Long lasting durability: Manufactured completely from high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for many years of reliable, maintenance-free action. Two pairs of poles (for two rescuers), can be detached easily by bayonett-lockings.The grips of the handles are high enough for tall rescuers. New: Integrated stabilization profiles for increased bending strength. The second pair of handles can be attached at the side of the sled during single-rescuer operation. Bayonett-lockings are wear-free, 100% icing-safe and easily to handle. Carrying grips on both ends of the sled for comfortable lifting and carrying of the sled. Four fixation belts with aluminum buckles for safe fixation of the injured; resistant against breaking and icing, can be operated with skiinggloves.

Available soon

Available soon